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Glorbit Access Link

Glorbit Access Link started as a dream. The dream to ease access to commodities, services, opportunities and human interaction worldwide.

We are cognizant that there are many parts of the word where people lack jobs and yet other parts of the same world employers have jobs and no workers, students and trainees look for placements and trainers searching for people to train, we come to be the missing link. Also many people want to travel and see the world and as such would like all logistics (transportation, accommodation, tours and activities) associated to be seamlessly arranged, we come to make that possible. Goods and services around the world are being searched by potential buyers while sellers are also searching for buyers, we are presenting ourselves as that unique link.

Glorbit Access Link is a currently incorporated labor recruitment company/Agency in Uganda (Registration No:80020003434916 ) and Kenya (Registration No. PVT-7LU5YZPE) with a team of founder members /directors based both locally and internationally in the United States who are highly experienced and trained in this field.

We are Glorbit Access Link, A worldwide connection!

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