FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently asked questions

How are interns paid?
Interns are paid on an hourly basis for the actual hours worked -- they are not paid for weekends or public holidays unless they actually work on those days. The salary is determined by a market comparison based on education and work experience and may change from year to year based on current market rates.
Who is eligible for an internship?
You are at least twenty years of age on the date of application.
I am not currently enrolled in a degree programme. Can I still apply for an internship?
Candidates may apply for an internship if they submit their application to the internship position vacancy within six months of completion of their last qualification.
What is an Internship?
An internship is an on-site work experience that is either directly related to your major field of study or your career interest. It can be paid or unpaid, and held during the summer or throughout the academic year.
When is a good time to start looking for an internship?
In your year of academic study, the second semester of your freshman year is not too soon.
Can I get financial support?
As of January 2022, interns may be eligible to receive financial support.
Can I apply to as many internship vacancies I want?
There is no limit to how many internship vacancies you can apply to. However, please ensure that you take the step to provide a specific cover letter for each position you apply to, rather than using one generic cover letter for all applications.
What are the benefits of an internship?
An internship gives you the opportunity to:

Gain valuable work experience before you graduate;
Develop new skills and refine others;
Apply knowledge gained from coursework to on-the-job situations;
Reality-test tentative career choices;
Meet and work with professionals, establishing contacts for letters of reference and networking;
Experience new work environments;
Earn money for tuition and expenses.
What salary can I expect?
Salaries vary according to experience and skills required, year in school, type of position, type of employer, and location. For student jobs here in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is not unusual to find positions of €11.62/hour and up (substantially higher for special skills and significant experience). Internships can be both paid and unpaid depending on the same factors mentioned above.
Which language(s) do I need to be fluent in?
You will be required to be fluent in one of the working languages of the office of assignment. The specific language will depend on the location of the internship and will be indicated within the vacancy to which you apply. Some internships may require knowledge of more than one language.